Quick and Crunchy

By Shirley Brown and Alyssa Dazet

In Kids

September 25, 2012

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Feeding your family can seem like a full-time job sometimes.

You want your kids to eat healthy, but you also want some time to do the other 549 things on your to-do list. When time gets tight, whip up these quick-and-easy celery snacks.



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Stephen Hubbard wrote …

Do I support familys eating healthily even with limited time? Yes. Do I think a page should be devoted to suggesting the combination of 3 simple things in the Journal that aims to "advance the art and science of optimizing human performance"? No. This belongs in a blog about feeding picky 6-year-olds.

I think my real gripe is with the Journal's poor system of organization and catagorization. I'd love if I could customize the Journal so that I saw what was interesting for me and things like this "recipe" could also have its place.

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