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September 02, 2012

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It seems Dan Bailey and Rich Froning might be reluctant to do a workout, perhaps for the first time ever.

“Rich is trying to quit the workout,” Games Director Dave Castro says with a laugh while standing outside during the CrossFit Tour event in Big Sky, Mont.

So he yells up to Froning’s hotel room.

“Rich, come down,” says Castro, still laughing. “Don’t be afraid.”

Froning’s response: “You can’t make us.”

The challenge—pulled from a hat—is 8 back handsprings and handstand walks with a partner. The challengers: Danielle Hale of CrossFit by Overload and Becca Saran, daughter of CrossFit general counsel Dale Saran.

“The dudes can’t do back handsprings, but they can do backflips,” Castro announces to the crowd.

“I just learned how to do a backflip 25 minutes ago,” Bailey says. “I’ve done a total of three in 28 years.”

Still, the guys best the girls by being faster on their handstand walks.

“I didn’t expect to have to walk that far, but it was fun,” Hale says. “I didn’t really think they could do back handsprings, so I didn’t plan on doing it ever. They just learned them. Whatever.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 236 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 8, 2012.

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10 Comments on “Challenging Dan and Rich: Backflips and Handstand Walks”


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wrote …

This is awesome and very entertaining!
And now I am going to try an learn to
handstand walk. But back flips are way
more cool! I want someone to teach me
to do that so I don't break my neck!


wrote …

Im inspired to do a back flip fo sho!


wrote …

I have mixed feelings about back flips in crosssfit. I sincerely doubt that we will be seeing that type of exercise during a competition.


wrote …

Was that the fastest time to learn a back flip? wow!


replied to comment from Matt Solomon

These are top level athletes! I was amazed at how fast Dan nailed it. But I was not very surprised. I figured you could give any of the guys and girls who compete in the games a move they never did and have some one coach them for a half hour and they will be able to own it.

I am going to add this to my goals... Back flips! :)


wrote …

That's awesome!!! Love a good gymnastics WOD! If I was gonna have to teach back somis (flips) to any athlete apart from gymnasts it would definitely be CrossFitters! I reckon there are a few at my box that could do them!


wrote …

Those guys are insane with how quickly they learn new skills! Awesome video.


wrote …

Where can I find one of those UNBUYABLE shirts?


wrote …

We ran a CrossFit competition called Four Nations (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) over the weekend. One off the media guys thought he'd have a crack at nailing a backflip. He ended up nailing his face into the floor.... Twice!!!

Think Dan Bailey should show him how it's done ha ha.

Ps excuse the bad language ;-)

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