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A Field Trip to CrossFit Southie by Amy Ferro and Mr. D - CrossFit Journal

A Field Trip to CrossFit Southie

By Amy Ferro and Mr. D

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September 28, 2012

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At Boston’s Joseph J. Hurley K-8 School, students in Mr. D’s class might be subject to WOD-like penalties.

Forget something in your locker at the beginning of the year: two push-ups. Do it in January: four push-ups or 10 squats. Curse in class: 40 push-ups or 200 squats.

A member of CrossFit Southie, Mr. D brought the kids to the affiliate for an afternoon of working out, camaraderie and community.

“I think a lot of people in today’s world like to think with kids, ‘Let’s take out the competition from their physical activity.’ No. Life is competitive,” he explains. “And the reality is you’re hired or you’re not. You are getting the promotion or you’re fired.”

Because there’s no dedicated physical-education time or gym at the public school, CrossFit Southie is a great option for his students, Mr. D adds. It teaches them quick thinking, he says.

“If you want to bring stuff like this to your program, it’s gonna take a lot of work,” Mr. D says. “Find a box near you. Impassion them. Inspire them to think about the good that it will do for the community.”

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5 Comments on “A Field Trip to CrossFit Southie”


wrote …

Mr. D, you are the man! Keep up the great work!!!!!!


wrote …

Hell yeah Jason! Nice work.


Bruce Lundquist wrote …

Teaching great work ethic. Keep up the good work.
I wish there was something like this when I was that young. I was very overweight and there was a lot of belittling and bullying. How do you deal with that in your program at CrossFit Southie? My heart aches for those kids who are overweight and are made fun of. Are there penalties for those kids who make fun of kids who are overweight or less able?
Thanks for being there and being an example.


wrote …

Mr. D, I'm a teacher in Maryland, and would love to set something up like this for my kids in high school. Do you have any advice to getting this put together for the spring semester?


wrote …

Awesome work Mr D. !!

Kyle CrossFit Kids has an education committee comprised of teachers around the world who are dedicated to supporting the efforts of others integrating CF into their programs. They are dedicated to providing constantly upgraded resources to this end. Contact

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