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The CrossFit Experience With Brian MacKenzie by Brian MacKenzie - CrossFit Journal

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September 01, 2012

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Brian MacKenzie says endurance is a large part of CrossFit in this video filmed at the CrossFit Experience at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The founder of CrossFit Endurance has attendees practice drills to demonstrate how strength and conditioning is still important for muscle recruitment in endurance sports. Among those drills is simply hopping in place with good posture and then leaning to move forward while hopping.

“What did they just do compared to what’s taught in traditional running?” MacKenzie asks the crowd. “They utilized gravity. They were using gravity to their advantage.”

The drills, he adds, “get people to understand these things a lot quicker.”

MacKenzie also has participants jump rope with alternating feet so they can run while jumping rope. Such exercises will cement proper running form, he says.

“We have to look at running as a skill,” MacKenzie says. “It’s the most destructive sport out there.”

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Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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5 Comments on “The CrossFit Experience With Brian MacKenzie”


wrote …

Interesting stuff. I want to see more of the drills.

The video is skewed too far in Brian's favour, however. The example of people "heel striking" showed people jumping up and down on their heels only. This is not what Average Joe Runner does when they heel strike. They push off with their toes; and don't look super awkward as in the video. Meanwhile, the stats about running as the most destructive sport are not put into context, and as result, unfairly skew the viewer's mindset.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Matt - true

Hit up BMac on Twitter he has injury stats on running injuries i believe

I have been thru his course and it changed my running big time


wrote …

Zach, I agree with what he's talking about in terms of avoiding the heel strike.

I'm just saying that statement was misleading (without the context). Eg what counts as an injury? Does meeting Pukie count as an 'injury' for CF? What about being sore and hardly able to walk the day after pounding through Eva? More crossfitters would consider that more like a right of passage than a problem, but I could devise a survey that tallies those events as an injury.


Matt, you could look at the video as in BMac's favor and skewed but what he says makes sense, especially when you do the drills...

it's not about looking awkward, it's more about how landing on the heal does not offer the most desirable and safest movement... It's a simple demo that builds faith in that it's more efficient and less damaging to have the ball of your foot striking first. Yes, the mechanics, of rolling from stopping / striking with the heal to the ball then pushing off of the ball to toes looks coordinated and less awkward. In the course he does go over heal to toe in more detail.

As for stats of injury... I would say just look them up on google or as Zach said, "Hit up BMac". I'm sure they are the most common injuries in the running world and NOT something like someone that falls and skins a knee. But I know what you mean, Stats and surveys are always questionable...

I highly recommend the Cfit Endurance course, changed my life as a "runner":)


wrote …

Excellent content and a very clever way to get his point across. However, the camera work was way too shaky. I like the perspective that most CFJ videos have--in the face showing a variety of angels--this video had too much movement.

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