The Hangover, CrossFit Style

By Jeremy Striffler

In The CrossFit Life

September 06, 2012

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Everything is different when you do CrossFit—even Las Vegas. Jeremy Striffler reports on a trip to Vegas that included more barbells than bars.

At high noon on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I found myself running around a parking lot in Las Vegas with a group of strangers. We were taking a lap around CrossFit Las Vegas, with the infamous Strip off in the horizon.

I had touched down in Las Vegas just an hour before to celebrate my 30th birthday with my two best friends from college. A year ago, I would have predicted a weekend of excessive drinking, eating and minimal exercise. I pictured The Hangover, with me in the Ed Helms role—missing tooth and all. The only calories burned would have been from walking from the chaise lounge to the tiki bar to order another round.

Thankfully, I started CrossFit last summer, and that was far from what happened.



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wrote …

Went to CrossFit Las Vegas website, you're right, that is a scary looking ceiling fan!


wrote …

Good read Jeremy. Glad to see you got into crossfit. Hope all is well! - Pat


wrote …

Nice article. I've also visited CF Las Vegas and agree that it is a wonderful affilate. Joe Marsh welcomes you like a regular and makes you feel at home. The coaches run a well-organized class and always take time to incorporate mobilty/stretching and to provide excellent instruction.

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