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October 15, 2012

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When I Am CrossFit opened three years ago, it was one of two affiliates in the Miami area, and owner Mike Osuna recounts having to convince people that they weren’t going to die and they could actually do this type of workout.

These days, the box sees up to 70 people in a class, and there are more than 20 boxes in the area.

“The dynamic has completely changed. It’s not that ‘What is CrossFit?’ anymore. It’s ‘How do I sign up?’” Osuna says.

He adds: “Now the dynamic that the Miami community has is, ‘OK, which box do I go to?’”

I Am CrossFit doesn’t use a sign-in system but ensures coaches are available to keep the athlete-trainer ratio around 10:1, and Osuna says the programming reflects the challenges of huge classes. Identifying athletes who need scaling is also important, and coaches work hard to make sure everyone is assigned the right loads and movements in very short order.

As for the larger Miami community, Osuna says it’s the competition between the many boxes that drives him to run the best facility he can.

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4 Comments on “Managing Growth: Mike Osuna”


wrote …

"And they now have the ability to pick and choose..."
"And they now have the ability to pick and choose..."
"And they now have the ability to pick and choose..."
"And they now have the ability to pick and choose..."
"And they now have the ability to pick and choose..."

Thank God for the rewind button/bar.


wrote …

Last comment haha! That girl could cause some major accidents in a CrossFit gym in that apparel. How the hell she doesn't pop out I've no idea.

Another great video on an affiliate. Still wonder in the UK when they'll even get to the point of paid coaches! Seems light years away!


wrote …

A great video to help affiliate owners feed off each other instead of compete with one another as crossfit continues exponential growth.

Complacency will always lead to failure. Complacency has no place in crossfit methodology.

And yes, that woman was stunning!


wrote …

Awesome looking "Box"!! Let me just say WOW, that girl was beautifully stunning and as Sean stated, I'm not sure how she didn't pop out....

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