CrossFit and Motocross

By Lance Coury

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October 16, 2012

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At first, professional freestyle motocrosser Lance Coury wasn’t sure if liked CrossFit.

“It was hard to get everything down,” he says.

But after a month, he changed his mind.

“Every time I come home, that’s all I’m talking about after a workout,” Coury says. “Everybody hears about it now.”

The 22-year-old began riding dirt bikes when he was 5 years old. Around 15, he realized he could turn recreation into a career. With a few years of pro racing under his belt, he says he needed to start acting like a professional athlete, so he started doing private training. And then boredom set in.

“You’re with the same person. You’re doing very similar workouts every time,” he says.

Now, after seven months of CrossFit, Coury says the training methodology complements freestyle motocross.

“When you throw a weight up and you’re moving it around, you need to have control with the weight, and you need to have control with the bike,” he explains. “They seriously work hand in hand.”

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7 Comments on “CrossFit and Motocross ”


wrote …

Shhhhhh, don't let this out, it was my secret advantage....


wrote …

Nice video. Only one thing: it's motocross, not motorcross.


wrote …

Great Video and great Kid. The secret is out CrossFit will help you on the bike for everything from FMX to Moto to GNCC and all forms of off-road racing. Very cool.


wrote …

crossfit has helped me as well on the track doing track days or racing. before i was spent after a 20 minute session now i am ready to go for the next, able to run the same laps times because i am not physical tired.


wrote …

This is the stuff that gets me fired up. Good piece!


wrote …

Riding bikes, singing, football, playing with your kids, etc. Crossfit makes you better.


wrote …

I used CF to help me with motocross racing, which adds stamina and endurance to the needs of freestyle motocross, which is what Lance is into. A motocross race is the ultimate 11 minute (for me, my races are 4 laps) WOD, Crossfit workouts are the only thing I've ever done that make me feel as wiped as after a moto. The great thing about CF is that it forces you to work on everything - strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, cardio, etc. Motocross racing requires all of these, but few people know how to put together a program on their own that hits all of them.

This was a great video, but I'd love to see one on a pro motocross racer. Like I said above, they need everything Lance needs, but also a much higher level of endurance and stamina. Their races are 30 minutes + 2 laps, so typically around 35 minutes of wrestling a 250 lb bike.

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