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October 06, 2012

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When he was younger, Johnny Medina III was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

“They were smoking, drinking, sneaking out at night—got me into a lot of trouble when I was younger,” says the 17-year-old, who is tattooed with stretched ears. “And I knew that wasn’t for me, but that was basically all I had.”

Today, the 158-lb. Medina is a CrossFitter with a 210-lb. snatch and a 455-lb. deadlift.

“If you saw this kid just on the street, you wouldn’t look at him and say, ‘Oh, there’s a beast right there.’ But inside of that shell … there’s a CrossFit animal,” says Coach Nick Hobby, owner of CrossFit Excel in Manteca, Calif. “He’s the perfect example of how it’s not just for your athletes. It’s not just for someone who looks a certain way.”

Medina’s father, Johnny Medina II, says CrossFit not only keeps his son on the straight and narrow but also creates a bond between them.

“I just want him to do well,” says the elder Medina, fighting back tears. “It means a lot … him having this opportunity that I didn’t have when we grew up. It’s gonna be huge for his future.”

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32 Comments on “Fighting for Greatness: A CrossFit Story”


wrote …

Train Hard Brother


wrote …

Great story......TURBO


wrote …

Hope to see updates on his progress.


wrote …

One of the most moving pieces I have seen in the Journal. Can't wait to see the amazing things this kid does.


wrote …

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Really inspiring.


wrote …

16 or 65, who doesn't love to have a challenge broken down for him or her so that there's a safe process to achieve it? Who of us doesn't need to climb back into our bodies and feel life? Father and son solving problems with the snatch, or making equipment, or sacrificing and bringing honor to the family name? Pure.


wrote …

if that doesnt get someone choked up nothing will. keep it up kid!!!!!!!!!


wrote …

What a total inspiration...his father is a great role model for dads like me.


wrote …

Best video on the crossfit journal I've seen yet! This is what crossfit is all about, why it separates it from all other sports. And when he rubbed dirt in his hands in place of chalk I got chill bumps...badass. God bless crossfit.


wrote …



wrote …

When kids are turning to so many other "outlets", it is great to see such an amazing and inspirational story of this young mans quest to be better! Like this father and son, the love for fitness and overall health has been the glue for many relationships. Thanks Crossfit!!!


wrote …

Beautifully shot video and a really inspiring story. Keep up the good work!


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Great video. Both of you guys are an inspiration.


wrote …

Awesome :-)

I hope there is a longer vid about this story coming out soon.

Hats off to Father and Son for their committment and humility.


wrote …

Awesome kid and father.


wrote …



wrote …

This is a great story. We need more of these stories and I know there are more of these out there. Well done.


wrote …

Keep up the good fight.. the fight is more important than who wins. what you'll take away andbe able to apply to everything is the fight. Don't stop till the bell rings. best to you and your family. Through a effort comes a truer sense of appreciation and love and perspective.


wrote …

Great story. Would love to follow his progress. Please revisit this in the future, great positive stories like this is what makes crossfit so magical..


wrote …

You don't need nice equipment to succeed, but you do need someone's support. I am in to donate a 1.5 and 2.0 pood kettlebell to this great young man. Someone tell me where to send it. Rogue/Again Faster/Et. al I challenge ya'll to do some pro bono with this dad and son duo.



wrote …

You think he would value a year membership to a local box? You think he would be worth it? You think he would benefit from being in the community of crossfitters and that the community would benefit from him? I think it's a no brainer. I think every box should have some form of "scholarship" program, pro bono service, etc...

I loved this story to the extent I want to assist in some way. Wow.


wrote …

Awesome story! I wish i had found out about crossfit when i was that young


wrote …

Johnny Medina III
AKA Rich Froning II ??
Keep up the good work, brilliant video


wrote …

I'm going to show this to my student-athletes!!!
A great tool for inspiration!!!


wrote …

Deep article! Teared me up (I'm not too proud to say!) So glad I stumbled accross crossfit. Lifechanging. Go hard Johnny


wrote …

Brilliant and inspirational.


wrote …

The essens of crossfit and why I do it.


wrote …

This proves CroossFit does change bodies and minds. I hope to see more stories like this as time passes. We can help people achieve goals they never knew they had.


wrote …

What a simple and wonderful story. The love between father and son is palpable. Keep up the great work Johnny.


wrote …

Stay strong, stay focused. Do what you do bro..


wrote …

WOW! This is a great story. So simplistic. Life can be hard but sometimes the answers CAN be simple....tough to choose but simple!
Stay true to yourself Johnny, good things will come to you!


wrote …

Outstanding story!! This is crossfit at his bet!!

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