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Matt Lodin: Focus on the Positive by Matt Lodin - CrossFit Journal

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October 23, 2012

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Matt Lodin started doing CrossFit just out of college at a 24-Hour Fitness. He focused on power cleans and other “explosive stuff” he learned about as a collegiate lacrosse player.

“I got kicked out for being too loud and having chalk,” Lodin says.

So he joined CrossFit East County in El Cajon, Calif., making the 25-minute drive from San Diego. Shortly thereafter, CrossFit Pacific Beach opened across from his neighborhood grocery store.

Lodin ended up doing an internship at the affiliate, where he worked for free for about six months. Today, he is the gym’s head coach.

“I’m a very positive individual. I love to focus on the positive. I’m a big fan of the compliment sandwich,” he says. “That way people stay positive and don’t get down on themselves because CrossFit’s challenging, and it’s very easy to think about what you’re not good at rather than think about what you are good at.”

Video by Mike Koslap.

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wrote …

Kid is such a beast.


wrote …

great work cf pb!


Joseph Alexander wrote …

Way to go Matt...Great video. Hope to catch you next time you head East for a gig.

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