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October 11, 2012

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You have to pass through a host of doors and enter several codes to get into CrossFit Manayunk, located on the fourth floor of a self-storage building.

Like other gyms on an upper floor, CrossFit Manayunk had to get creative to deaden the sound of bouncing barbells. The crew also had the fun task of getting all their equipment upstairs via freight elevator, but the tradeoff is a 5000-square-foot space flooded with natural light. They’ve also got room for a huge pull-up rig and a host of stations for squatting.

Of course, outdoor runs can be a problem given all the keypad-operated doors in the way of Helen PRs, so the athletes run inside in a 50-meter stretch of open warehouse. In the spirit of getting ’er done, they consider a lap to be 100 meters.

“Probably a little bit long, but I’ve never killed anybody,” Lee says with tongue in cheek.

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Sick spot for a gym!

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