Preppin’ for the Week

By Chris Martirano

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October 28, 2012

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Chris Martirano goes grocery shopping every weekend. When he gets back, it’s all about cooking for the week.

“I try to prepare all my food for the entire week. That way when I come home from the gym or from work, I don’t have to worry about cooking anything or putting anything together,” says the member of Patriot CrossFit in Arlington, Va.

In Part 1, Martirano takes you through what he cooks to follow the Zone Diet. He even finds time for working out between marinating his chicken and mashing his sweet potatoes.

“As everything is cooking I plan on doing a little bit of fun,” he says. “By fun I mean some Tabata squats.”

In Part 2, it’s time for weighing and measuring breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I have my handy scale all ready to portion my meals out,” Martirano says.

He follows an 18-block plan, which plays out as five blocks for breakfast, four blocks for a mid-morning snack, four more blocks for an afternoon snack and five blocks for dinner.

“The day is done,” Martirano says after portioning his food. “Rinse and repeat.”

Video by Ryan Powell.

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Additional reading: CFJ 21: Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2004.

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10 Comments on “Preppin’ for the Week”


wrote …

Thanks for the info. I know prep can be done once a week, but do you cook everything all at once also? It seems like the cooked food would go bad before the next Sunday.


wrote …

Very cool, i will start doing that, it seems a lot more easy ! :D

But how do you store your food? In the freezer or refrigerator? :P


wrote …

Coconut Oil in the sweet potatoes is really good. I bake them at the same time I do spaghetti squash. The skins peel off really easy after they cool off a little.


wrote …

Very informative. I'd suggest using coconut or grapeseed oil in the frying pan rather than olive oil. They work better for higher temperatures.

I think the meals would have to be frozen right away in order to keep until the following weekend. Is there a preferred method for reheating without overcooking?


wrote …

Dude, I love lumpy mash potatoes.


wrote …

You can't share the need to plan out meals enough when trying to eat well. Good info. The cross contamination in the video not so much.


wrote …

Is there any way we could get the amount of ground meat and eggs that went into the breakfast mix-up?


wrote …

Great video. What fat source would you recommend to someone who is allergic to avocados? I've tried eating avocados a couple times but it gives me incredible stomach pains.



Michael Saveth wrote …

Awesome for all the breakdown and info that you and Matt Chan give!!!


wrote …

So does this guy eat the same thing everday for an entire week? That would drive me nutz!

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