My CrossFit Journey

By Christina Maragh

In Athletes, Medical/Injuries

October 31, 2012

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With titanium rods in her back, Christina Maragh struggles through workouts and finds an athlete on the other side.

Why do I CrossFit? What keeps me going back for more?

Before I answer that, I would like to share a little more about my story and why every WOD I finish is a huge deal to me.

I suffer from chronic and often debilitating pain in my back, shoulders, legs and feet due to a birth defect and curvature of the spine known as congenital fusion of the thoracic vertebrae and abnormal kyphosis. In English: I was hunched over in an S-curve with discs that failed to fuse before I was born.

I have never been athletic at all. I was the clumsy kid who got in the back of the line for any sport, the one who ducked from the volleyball in gym and the person you never wanted on your team.

But after Day 1 at CFA, I was addicted.

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wrote …

You have a compelling and inspirational story. I want to commend you for your perseverance and no quit attitude. I have directed chronic pain programs for post-op patients as well as having had a chronic pain condition. Check out the integrated-recovery Facebook page. Keep it up!

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