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Coaching the Three Snatch Positions by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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October 20, 2012

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Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener says the three snatch positions are the high hang, mid-thigh and floor.

While the weight is somewhat balanced in the foot in the start position, the weight moves back toward the heels very quickly after the bar breaks the ground.

“The knees start everything, and the weight, in my opinion, should be 55 (percent), 45 (percent) and then shifted back immediately once the bar is lifted,” he explains. “By shifting back, that forces me to stay back.”

Moving the knees out and back off the floor and bringing the bar with them is key, Burgener emphasizes.

“As I’m pulling that bar, as it’s coming up, I gotta sweep it back,” he says. “Otherwise, if I don’t sweep it back, look at my arms—they’re automatically gonna hang here, and that’s automatically gonna pull me forward.”

In the first position—the high hang—the objective is “to learn to go down and up … and shrug, finish under the bar,” Burgener says. In the second position—mid-thigh—it’s to “shrug your body right into the overhead squat.”

The third position stresses the importance of the previous two.

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11 Comments on “Coaching the Three Snatch Positions”


wrote …

Someone should let that instructor (Not Coach B!) to get take his hands out of his pockets. Looks very unprofessional.


replied to comment from Terrence Limbert

ABSOLUTELY! Looks like he doesn't want to be there. Especially the part when he got the ONE hand out to show the girl what happened, are you kidding me?


wrote …

I doubt the guy meant to be arrogant. Most likely just shy to be around so many beautiful women. I thought he gave good cues but his body language was a bit more reserved than coach B's. But coach B's been a coach for a pretty long time.
They say that most people put public speaking as there worst fear, so id cut him some slack just for standing in front of a class, let alone in front of a camera.
I mean who wouldn't be scared of being judged by a room full of beautiful women plus a camera where potentially the entire crossfit community has at you?


wrote …

I'm not trying to put him down or anything. I agree he had good tips and cues, he just needs to take both of his hands out of his pockets.


wrote …

I totally agree. Be a professional and get your hands out of your pockets. I personally think its his subtle way to show hierarchy. At any rate, how great is coach B?


wrote …



wrote …

Bad day to be coach's son...


wrote …

@ Coach Burgener.... Seriously, got one heck of a good laugh out of that comment... Great VID by the way.


wrote …

Awesome vid and comments!


Bryce Greenstein wrote …

Of course Coach B doesn't put his hands in his pockets, he's a Marine.


wrote …

Did this course right before Memorial Day this year in Okinawa Japan. Coach's son did a fine job. Would of been nicer to have Coach B show up as planned for the 95% deployed Military that filled the class to max capacity though. Nothing like one of your own teaching you his course. Oh well......

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