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October 30, 2012

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Dan Edelman’s nutrition confessions of a conflicted parent.

“Barring obvious socioeconomic barriers such as poverty, often the only barrier to a child having access to good nutrition is the parents’ lack of access to information, lack of ability to process that information or laziness.” —E.M. Burton

I am no expert on food. This my perspective and my perspective alone. But it is the perspective and honesty of a father who is trying to be a good dad but constantly battles a sneaking suspicion that he sucks as a parent.

Am I really allowing my kids to do the equivalent of smoking by allowing them to eat poorly? It might be that bad. I do not feel misinformed, so am I lazy? One has to wonder in light of Burton’s reasonable advice. I do what I can. I model the behavior I want my children to emulate and I explain why, figuring that my kids will eventually sort it out for themselves.

In fact, many of the oldest CrossFit Kids have adopted a food-as-fuel nutritional regimen as they exit adolescence, making the choice themselves. This is critically important. This is evidence that CrossFit Kids can guide children to a lifetime of fitness—of super-wellness. This is evidence that, as they mature, children can decide on the basis of their own experience to take healthy actions despite the influence of the media, non-likeminded peers and the mistakes—past and ongoing—that their parents made.

That is comforting food for thought.

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5 Comments on “On Twinkies, Cigarettes and Reason”


Jeff Martin wrote …

Great article Dan.


wrote …

Excellent stuff, like always. Thank you, sir.


wrote …

This article contains misleading information.
Dan Edelman was at a party?

I don't believe it.

Enjoyed reading that very much Dan.


wrote …

Liked it a lot Dan. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your psyche and family decisions concerning nutrition.


wrote …

What are the chances of me reading an article by someone from my small town Ramona? Good stuff, sir.

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