Out of the Water and Into the Box

By Emily L. Ciraolo

In The CrossFit Life

October 11, 2012

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Burned out from years of competitive swimming, former All-American swimmer Emily Ciraolo rediscovers the joy of fitness through CrossFit.

I used to hate holiday workouts.

Swimmers do holiday workouts. My club team did 100 100s on New Year’s Eve. Holiday workouts suck. They suck more than the usual workouts suck.

I thought about this as I drove home from the Fittest on the 4th at CrossFit 716 back in July. At 25 years old, five and a half years since my last swim meet, I have completed three holiday workouts with my CrossFit family, and I liked them. Scratch that. I loved them!

I proudly came home from the Fittest on the 4th and strutted around my house in my nerdy Fourth of July outfit covered in black marks from 800-lb. tire flips. My parents thought I’d lost my mind—especially my dad, my coach for most of my swimming career.



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wrote …

CrossFit 716 is a great affiliate, and very welcoming to the traveling 'Fitter. Dennis and Jenn are great coaches, and awesome athletes in their own right. Great to see an awesome affiliate being featured!


wrote …

Yay, Emily!!

I started at CF716 in April, too, and I feel the same way about CrossFit, the CrossFit family, and wanting the pain. My entire family thinks I'm insane...but this is the best kind of insanity!! Great article! See you in the box!

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