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Back on the Board by Danny Dean and Jason Speck - CrossFit Journal

Back on the Board

By Danny Dean and Jason Speck

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October 18, 2012

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After Danny Dean broke his neck eight years ago, he was only able to use 20 percent of his right side. Physical therapists told him whatever movement he regained in the next 18 months would be the most he would ever have. The former competitive wakeboarder became resigned to his fate.

Then his wife started doing CrossFit.

Thus far, there hasn’t been a week in which Dean hasn’t seen improvement under the watchful eye of CrossFit Forever Strong owner Jason Speck.

“Pathways that hadn’t been worked are starting to redevelop and starting to work again. Muscles that hadn’t known how to contract and how to pull are now contracting and pulling,” the coach says.

The two are focusing on seeing how much function they can create on Dean’s right side.

The 32-year-old says he’s never felt better since his accident.

“I had no set goals before,” he explains. “I kind of just resigned to modern medicine and technology to maybe save me one day. The outlook now on those sorts of things is totally changed. I do want to be 100 percent healthy again.”

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11 Comments on “Back on the Board”


wrote …

This is exactly why CrossFit should be part of everyone's return to function after any type of rehabilitation. Thanks for sharing. Inspirational!


wrote …

What an incredibly inspirational story and humble spirit this man has. Thanks so much for sharing it. I am sure someone else will be motivated by it to make a difference in their life.


wrote …

Way to stick with it, Danny! The epitome of human perseverance...very motivating and moving...good luck as you continue your journey back!


wrote …

You are a warrior Danny, keep it up!!!!


wrote …

Thank You Danny for sharing your story!! Keep up the Hard Work!


wrote …

Danny, this is the inspiration and credibility I needed. I'm 45 and recovering from a distal biceps tendon rupture repair and am wondering what use I'll get out of my arm. I want to thank you and wish you good luck. Keep up the hard work.


wrote …

Way to cool Danny. And even after your injury you can wake board better than me. I need to setup a wake board adventure some where in your honor, get some friends together and go do that sort of thing.

Your effing awesome Danny, But I am sure you hear that all the time. But just so you can hear it again bro... you are awesome!


wrote …



wrote …

Danny, thanks for sharing your story. It's amazing how you push yourself each day to reach the goal of just being able to function normally. Your story was a reminder to me to not allow small things in life to bring me down. I hope you can reach your goal of being 100% again....


wrote …

That was awesome. Congratulations on the recovery; extremely motivational.


wrote …

Love this story. Persist without exception. Just goes to show how beneficial body-weight/ weight bearing exercises and functional movements are to the different structures of our bodies. Whether the program design is to be therapeutic or beast mode, Hard work is always the answer. I'm a fellow wakeboarder and trainer and I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work. i hope they do a follow up story because i would like to see where Danny is at in another year of grinding it out day in and day out. Never quit.

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