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Powerlifting Good Mornings by Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt - CrossFit Journal

Powerlifting Good Mornings

By Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt

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October 07, 2012

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Good mornings can be done in an infinite number of ways and with several implements, says Shane Sweatt of Westside Barbell. During this CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course at Integrated Fitness, a CrossFit box that does sport-specific training just outside Pittsburgh, he begins by talking about good mornings with a safety-squat bar.

“We can do them seated, we can do them standing,” he says as his wife, elite powerlifter Laura Phelps-Sweatt, demonstrates.

Phelps-Sweatt begins with a so-called stiff-legged good morning.

“See, she pushes her butt backwards and keeps her butt as high as she can,” Sweatt says. “She’s a little bit above parallel. We don’t want to go parallel or below because we really up the back-injury rate.”

Next, there’s round-back good mornings, which are actually much like a back extension on a GHD. The key to the movement is learning to stabilize some parts of the spine while moving other parts.

“So you’ll see she’ll just round the upper back, she doesn’t round the lower back,” he continues.

There are also good-morning squats, banded good mornings and even walking good mornings.

“You can do these sideways, you can do ’em on a 45-degree angle, you can do ’em forward, you can hang chains from there,” Sweatt says. “You can do many different options as far as it goes.”

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3 Comments on “Powerlifting Good Mornings”


wrote …

I was just watching these on Travis Holley's videos.
Travis covered the banded good mornings nicely and I had them slated for inclusion in my warm-up. He showed the walking good mornings, but there wasn't much discussion so this is very useful. A quick try and they definitely merit further experimentation.



wrote …

I got to try the walking good mornings w/ the Safety squat bar at the Harrisburg Powerlifting Cert at 13 Stripes. It was deceivingly hard and it has definitely become part of my program.. I have been using the knowledge gained at the powerlifting cert for 2 months and it has put our #s through the roof.. Now the funny part is how it affects the Olympic movements. Without running through 20 examples, let me just say that the banded good mornings and a few other movements have changed the paradigm.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

We'll be adding the walking good mornings to our workouts starting today.
Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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