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Cooking Seafood Bouillabaisse by Nick Massie - CrossFit Journal

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October 19, 2012

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Chef Nick Massie shows you how to whip up Alaskan king crab, lobster tail, scallops, shrimp and cod for a seafood bouillabaisse.

“It’s a French seafood stew with tomato broth,” he explains. “This is the kind of food that I get excited about.”

Also among the ingredients: white wine, clam juice, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, celery, leeks, garlic and roasted garlic oil. Massie creates the broth in a large pot with garlic oil, garlic, leeks and celery, adding in chicken broth, clam juice and white wine. In a separate pan, he cooks the scallops, cod and shrimp. He uses the broth to poach the lobster tail.

“What I would recommend is that you cook off all the seafood. Have the broth separate,” says Massie, who runs “Say you’re going to save that in your fridge throughout the week. I would heat up the broth and then just put the seafood in your bowl and pour hot broth over it. Trying to heat the seafood again … it would probably overcook.”

Video by Nick Massie.

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Additional reading: God of the Grill by Nick Massie, published June 13, 2012.

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That looks soooo good! I need to take a few cooking lessons :)

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