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Meet Stephane Rochet by Stephane Rochet - CrossFit Journal

Meet Stephane Rochet

By Stephane Rochet

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In college, Stephane Rochet got up at 3:30 in the morning to help out at Ohio University’s weight room with Ethan Reeve, who was the strength coach.

“Just one of the lucky breaks in my life,” Rochet says. “(He) was an absolute genius.”

He adds: “That’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Today, Rochet is the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of San Diego and part of CrossFit’s Level 1 Seminar Staff.

“This is like a dream job,” he says.

With a busy work schedule, Rochet has been focused on ensuring he spends enough time with his two young sons.

“There’s a lot of things I miss,” he explains. “I just want to find a balance with that.”

Rochet has one big family trip per year and also spends time in the evening playing with his sons.

“We do not have a rule about balls in the house. There’s been a bunch of things broken. That’s fine,” he says.

The multitalented Rochet is also a member of Coach Mike Burgener’s staff for the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Course.

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14 Comments on “Meet Stephane Rochet”


wrote …

Just finished level 1 trainer course, Stephane Rochet and his staff were the most amazing group of trainers! I learned more in those two days than I had ever imagined! I'm looking forward to taking all that knowledge and using it with so many other athletes who want and need this program! Thanks so much to Stephane, Katie, Zachary, Dave, and Chriss for sharing your time and knowledge! BOOM! Mandy


wrote …

Awesome! Fantastic look into one of our best that CF has!


wrote …

Stephane was one of my level one training staff. He is exactly the kind of guy everyone should have as an instructor: articulate, deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his subject matter. CrossFit is lucky to have him and, quite probably, vice versa.


wrote …

Stephane is the man. He proctored my Seminar and helped a ton. Thanks Stephane!


wrote …

An absolute gentleman and wonderful coach! Was a pleasure to work alongside you at CF Marina last year :-)


wrote …

I had the pleasure of being coached by Stephane during my Level 1 cert. He is extremely knowledgeable in many different aspects of CrossFit and patiently took the time to answer my many questions. I learned a ton from him and hope we cross paths again. Thanks Stephane!


wrote …

Honestly, who cut's carrots like that?


wrote …

Stephane, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us at the Level 1. Your love for Crossfit is inspiring.


wrote …

Stephane is an amazing person, as well as a fantastic coach. I have personally learned a ton from working with him at Level 1 Seminars. We are lucky to have him in the CrossFit community.


wrote …

As a new dad, I loved seeing this behind the scene look at one of CF best trainers. Stephane is a god dude.


wrote …

Straight up look into the good life. Nice video.


wrote …

USD Grad! Great to see the campus and good coaching at the school. Can't believe I left that paradise!


wrote …

Awesome Stephane! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor for my Level 1 cert last weekend.


wrote …

Stephan is a great coach and a great person, i learn a lot working with him in a L1 seminar.
Big hugs coach!

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