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The CrossFit SAT-Prep Program by Greg Glassman as told to Mike Warkentin - CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit SAT-Prep Program

By Greg Glassman as told to Mike Warkentin

In Rest Day/Theory

October 06, 2012

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CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman describes a pilot program that combines CrossFit training with education—a perfect fit with CrossFit’s mission to change lives.

CrossFit has been in the business of improving athletic proficiency for a long time. We’ve got a physiological answer to the question of fitness, and it’s constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. But in net what we do is we make people better, and that’s the more important part.

If better involves academic success, getting into the right schools, and getting the right job—and that is indeed a definition of “better” for many—I think in our gyms we can improve cognitive function by just about any standard or accepted measure. We can do it with children, and we’re going to start by improving SAT scores. We can make kids smarter and improve their thinking processes, logic, vocabularies. We’ll give them better tools to process and understand.

I learned early that the emotional and character components that led to significant training effect—success in athletes, success in training—were also carried over perfectly to academic success. It was after finding success with gymnastics, for instance, that I found success with mathematics. Not the other way around. Mind-body dualism is a myth. I don’t want to train like there’s some sharp division between what happens from the collarbones up and the rest of the body. Brain function is part of the body.

I’ve long thought that our training was a metaphor for boatloads of life lessons and patterns for success. It’s time to tie all of that together with the SAT-prep project.

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wrote …

this is so awesome. I got my L-1 in december and started training out of my garage. My wife is a math professor, and we have 3 kids. through crossfit we decided we needed to change our world. we wanted to start improving bodies and minds around us. We live in a quickly dying town and have decided to not let it. I am slowly working up cliental, and my wife just started a once a week session after school for k-8 at my daughters school to have fun with math. This sat prep is exactly what we want to do. I can't wait to be able to affiliate, and we totally want to be on this band wagon.


wrote …

Combining Cross-fit with SAT prep is really an out-of-the box idea. Students would definitely love it specially the athlete ones. Generally, it is seen that athlete student didn't get much time for studying because of the vigorous training that they have to go through. But in this program that problem is solved. Now they can understand very well what their tutor are trying to teach them.

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