The New Good Old Days of CrossFit

By Darrell “Bingo” White

In Classic, CrossFit

October 18, 2012

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Old-school CrossFitter Darrell “Bingo” White explains why Bob Harper reminds him how much he loves CrossFit.

Bob Harper is my new favorite CrossFitter. Seriously. That Bob Harper.

How can that possibly be, you say? How can you possibly consider Harper your favorite CrossFitter? It’s easy, actually. Harper is my new favorite CrossFitter because he’s experiencing the “good old days” in CrossFit, and who didn’t love the good old days?

I love Harper. He’s like every one of when we first became CrossFitters. The guy just loves CrossFit. Just like you did. It’s the good old days in CrossFit right now for Harper.

That’s part of the fun of being a CrossFitter: seeing the excitement of the newcomers, feeling the enthusiasm of the new trainers, watching the affiliate community grow. No matter how long you’ve been riding this runaway train, all this can be a source of renewal for you, for CrossFit.

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17 Comments on “The New Good Old Days of CrossFit”


wrote …

Great article and perspective. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.


wrote …

Sincerely hope someone has Harper read this. I have a feeling the man would love it.


wrote …

Amen, Bingo.


wrote …

yeah bingo! you tha man sir. i started in 2008 with MURPH as my first dip into the crossfit kool-aid. your posts on .com always stood out to me. way to lead sir. hope to meet you someday soon. at the games 2013 perhaps brotha! oh yea...the harp is pretty cool too :)


wrote …

Bingo, you rock! Great article. Made me think about what somebody called the REAL "golden age" of Science Fiction: age 10-14 yrs. It's really about that time of personal discovery and quickening that can happen at any age, especially with Crossfit.


Jeff Martin wrote …

Nice job, Bingo.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …


Absolutely loved the article. I was a sophomore in high school when the school's athletic trainer, Brian Hassler, stumbled across the same magazine article you mentioned. He allowed me to tag along with him to try our first workout and I've been checking .com's workouts ever since. I'm 22 now and opened my own affiliate, and we still follow main site as closely as our equipment allows and post our results.

I catch myself thinking about the "good old days" often and wishing things were still like that. But then I think, I'm sure some people who started in 2002 were thinking the same way in '05 when I started. So it's good that this is growing and reaching so many people.

Your posts have always been entertaining to read. Hope you don't plan on stopping any time soon.


wrote …

Way to put it together Bingo, I see it everyday and I started in 2008.


wrote …

Bingo, my friend, thank you for all that you have given to all of us! Would be hard to express how glad I am to know you.

This was a great read! Paul "Apolloswabbie"


Sean McCue wrote …

Great article Bingo. Many "older" CrossFitters have forgotten how far they have come since they started CrossFit. This is a great reminder.


wrote …

Thanks for the article, Bingo. I remember my good old days, and I've been waning recently because of "injury" which has turned into laziness at times. I really like your enthusiasm for Bob Harper's enthusiasm, and I also agree with you 100%.

As far as Bob Harper reading this article-- he SHOULD be subscribed to the journal, and he SHOULD be reading all the articles. Isn't that what all addicts do? :)


replied to comment from Andre Buccola

I just read it and it's so COOL!!!


wrote …

I want to publicly thank Bingo for saying what you said. I have to say that I have such a respect and love for CrossFit. Since I have been doing CF for over a year now, it has given me a whole new passion for what I do for a living. I really do believe that Greg Glassman has changed the landscape of fitness, FOREVER. I love everything that CF represents and how it just makes me feel, strong, weak, determined, defeated, motivated, nauseous and COMMITTED. I know that Greg, Dave and my whole new CrossFit family will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you again, Bingo.


wrote …

Thanks for bringing it home, Bingo. The new, good old days are, indeed, happening every day. The box I belong to now is 2120 in Del Mar, CA. It opened in May and reminds me so much of the early days of the original gym in Santa Cruz: same energy; same camaraderie; same sense of possibility; many of the same types of characters; etc. I think this is a universal phenomenon. The pioneering spirit of the original is present in every new box that opens.

You wrote:

"And the CrossFit OGs? Well, they’re still around for the most part, even if they don’t spend as much time in the comments on"

Definitely. We've lost some heros. And there are a handful of people who now make a market in malcontent. Otherwise the OG from across the community are all still around and notable in the difference they've made, and continue to make, for others.


wrote …

I love Bob even more when he really put himself out there and competed in the 2012 Open! That was a bravo decision and it impressed me greatly. He could have played it safe and never admitted his fondness for Crossfit AND could have really played it safe and not, as we all know, experienced the humble pie that Crossfit competitions bring (unless you're Rich or Annie).



replied to comment from Bob Harper

My pleasure, Bob!

Thanks to all for your kind words.


wrote …

Nice article, Bingo. I remember those days. Let me throw a few more old school names out there that were mainstays on the site back in the day: Barry Cooper, Kelly Moore, Lynn Pitts. Kelly was the first girl I saw and went "Damn, she's kicking my butt in all of these WOD's!"

All of them were so helpful to newbies and giving of their time and knowledge. I do kinda miss the old days!

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