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October 14, 2012

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When Sierra High School P.E. teacher Nick Hobby started CrossFitting nearly six years ago, he would work out after school.

“Gradually, one kid would see what I was doing and they’d come and kind of do it with me—and then another and another,” he says. “After a while, I had like 15 or 20 kids joining me after school in the weight room and on the track, and we were doing WODs together.”

Hobby also owns CrossFit Excel in Manteca, Calif.

After no success with traditional strength and conditioning programs, Hobby and fellow P.E. teacher Richard Boyd, also the department chair, began running a CrossFit program in 2008 at the school.

Student Nick Calonico says the workouts make him feel revitalized.

“I feel like I have more energy than normal,” he says. “It kind of helps me with my school work because I noticed my grades have improved a lot from freshman year. I was kind of struggling with even passing, and then sophomore year I improved it, and now I’m getting As and Bs.”

Video by Jay Vera.

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3 Comments on “CrossFit at Sierra High”


Jim Lanier wrote …

Great video! Positive role models are the best way to get our youth away from the video games and into a lifestyle of health and fitness. There's no better time than high school! Great job!!


wrote …

Very cool!


wrote …

Awesome job! I run a CrossFit at my school in my PE classes as well. I have a few coaches who have gone out and gotten their level 1 and coach their teams using the CrossFit methodology. I can see is another year or two we can be going 100% CrossFit with our PE class.

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