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October 10, 2012

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At CrossFit North Vancouver, babies are welcome. The affiliate has five young families with children all under a year old.

“I think some people might see it as a pain to have some of this stuff going on. For us, it’s a blessing,” says affiliate owner Dave Kitchen, whose daughter, Grace, is nearly a year old. “Being able to raise our child with some other people—kids the same age, the same moral values of diet and exercise and living a healthy lifestyle—has been, again, a blessing.”

Kristin Auger says her 6-month-old son Jude is already familiar with CrossFit.

“I did CrossFit throughout my pregnancy. Right to the bitter end, he was in the gym,” she says. “It’s a bit of a juggling act, for sure, but fitness is a priority. It was never a question that when we had a baby, fitness would continue to be a priority.”

The families are a support group and keep each other motivated and accountable, Kitchen says.

“Kids aren’t an excuse to stop living life,” he notes. “They’re actually a big reason to start living life more.”

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wrote …

Good on ya! We┬┤re doing the same thing here at MCW CrossFit in Uppsala SWEDEN. Familylife means you really need to keep active and be good rolemodels for your children and for others.

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