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Abi Grove is member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff, and she’s also a powerlifter who trains at Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio.

Westside is a rugged, no-nonsense gym where elite powerlifters train to break world records, and Grove was intimidated when she left the comfort of five years at Lynnwood CrossFit/Local’s Gym in Washington state. She says she quickly found a lot of common ground between Westside methods and CrossFit.

“The methodologies overlap significantly, so it didn’t leave me so much feeling like a fish out of water,” she explains.

Simmons has produced scores of world-class lifters, and Grove loves learning from him so she can be a better trainer at CrossFit Level 1 Seminars.

Her ultimate goal: get as strong as possible and compete as a powerlifter before it’s time to start a family and become a “CrossFit baby mama.” But in the short term, she’s lifting heavy, as well as going back to college.

And no, she doesn’t eat pancakes all day now that she’s a powerlifter.

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11 Comments on “Meet Abi Grove”


wrote …

I had the opportunity to meet Abi this weekend at CrossFit Chicago for the Level 1 Cert. She's an amazing gal. Keep it up and enjoy the 'Bus!


wrote …

Abi is a really great gal. I think she will make for a very good powerlifter. Just tons of potential. She is also just a nice person. Kudos to CrossFit for recognizing her with this.


wrote …

That would be kudos... Lol


wrote …

Glad to see Abi featured!

Abi- I laughed so hard when you pulled out the heavy cream (glad to see things haven't changed). Miss you here in the PNW, but so glad to see you so happy! Give my best to Jimmy. xo


wrote …

Great athlete as well as a great coach. So awesome Abi. Love that the Jeep made it into the video too!


wrote …

Just met Abi at my Level 1 in Columbus this month in Columbus. It was great to hear her story on the journal and being reminded to embrace life's seasons. Best to you Abi!


wrote …

ABi is awesome!!


wrote …

Abi taught me something I will never forget and I use all the time "You can not fail at a burpee! You get down, you have to get back up!"

We miss you at Lynnwood CrossFit, but we are all glad to hear you doing well!


wrote …

Great stuff Abs, I'm proud of all you're doing!! Keep it up!


wrote …

go Abi! had her as a coach and she is a great.


wrote …

Anyone who can survive at Westside Barbell gets my respect

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