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From Lifetime Distance Runner to CrossFitter by Anne Sargent - CrossFit Journal

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November 10, 2012

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From the age of 15, Anne Sargent had been a distance runner. After a year and a half of CrossFit, the 46-year-old decided to run a half marathon with no additional training. She bested the time she set at 38 by about a minute and a half.

“So almost eight years later, I ran the same distance using CrossFit training rather than traditional running, and I got a personal best,” she explains. “I thought, ‘Wow, it really does work, doesn’t it?’”

Sargent has been a member of CrossFit Relentless/CrossFit 033 in West Hartford, Conn., for about two years.

After the first workout, she was sore for three days.

“I thought that I was fit, and that one experience taught me that fitness was a lot more than the endurance and the cardio and so forth that I definitely had in my wheelhouse,“ Sargent says.

“The more I got into it, the more convinced I was that it really was a fitness program and a lifestyle that I could easily embrace and was gonna actually enhance my running—and it’s definitely done that.”

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2 Comments on “From Lifetime Distance Runner to CrossFitter”


wrote …

This should be a public video, it's the perfect marketing piece for CrossFit. If you already subscribe, you already know what CrossFit can do for runners, this is targeted for all the runner only types out there that would benefit from CrossFit.


wrote …

Anne Sargent made it to the CrossFit Games!!! I wish HQ had footage or a follow up of her her performance in LA! She went from 80th in the Open to 14th in the Open Masters category and 19th worldwide for the CrossFit Games!! Anne is an incredible athlete and person. She worked very hard to improve those skills that she refers to in this interview and her dedication was instrumental in helping her meet her goal to qualify. I had the privilege of watching her compete at the Games!! Anne is a tremendous athlete and someone who always encourages others to meet their best as well. We fondly call her our "Wod Whisperer!" I can't wait to wod beside her again this year and to witness all that she achieves again!

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