The Outside 90 Drill

By Tony Blauer

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November 18, 2012

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The first drill in Tony Blauer’s CrossFit Defense Course is called Outside 90. It involves using your forearm to create distance between you and your attacker.

“Without my glutes, without my abs, without my lats, without my back, without a stance, without momentum, this is pretty fuckin’ strong,” Blauer says, referencing his forearm. “And how many reps did you have to do to understand and experience that? One.”

One of the biggest mistakes in self-defense training is teaching too much specificity and complex motor skill out of the gate, he adds. CrossFit, he says, predisposes you to self-defense, and he believes protecting yourself from an attacker is no different than doing everyday movements at the box.

“You suddenly go, ‘I’m going to do a fucking push-up on this guy’s face here.’ And you just go, ‘Whack!’ And you just throw your fastest push-up,” explains Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems. “All of you can fuck people up—that’s a scientific term.”

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4 Comments on “The Outside 90 Drill”


wrote …

I went to Tony's class in Denver last weekend and it was freakin' excellent. I can't recommend it enough, especially for women (I brought my wife and she learned a ton. She's a hot sales rep who's always in weird office buildings and she immediately felt safer after this class. And she got to kick my ass all day long in drills.) Seriously - great stuff!


wrote …

I first want to state that I have huge respect for Mr. Blauer and appreciate all he does. Although, I am questioning the statement he made in the video that "intensity trumps technique." I agree that this is probably true in all aspects of a fight or self-defense situation, but it seems to contradict what I have learned and been taught about crossfit. In crossfit, is the evolution not form, efficiency, intensity, respectively? I would really like to hear multiple opinions on this, I am more than open minded. Thanks


wrote …

damn! that dude at 15:35 got caught off guard with an open palm to the face.


wrote …

damn! that dude at 15:35 got caught off guard with an open palm to the face.

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