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Meet the Affiliate: CrossFit Thin Air by Dave Zink - CrossFit Journal

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November 19, 2012

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In barren Winter Park, Colo., sits CrossFit Thin Air, an affiliate with a mere 1,800 square feet of space but a very big back yard: it sits on 80 acres that includes about 3 miles of a cross-country ski-trail system.

“We have a lot of fun with the outdoor stuff,” co-owner Dave Zink says.

That fun includes nighttime runs in the snow, hill climbs and mountain biking at 9,000 feet.

Zink, a lifelong endurance athlete, began competing in kettlebell lifting more than six years ago.

“Along that path, I started to run into people who were getting into CrossFit,” he says. “I started doing main-site stuff here, and about the same time (my wife) Karen and I built this garage gym, if you will. Had no idea at the time we were going to do CrossFit with it. (It was) just a place to work out.”

Despite a small space, Zink maximizes it with his engineering background. Storage devices on the ceiling and wall de-clutter the space, and there are even wall-mounted, collapsible squat racks.

“We love what we’re doing,” Zink says. “It’s that personal feedback from somebody that says, ‘Hey, this is working for me. Thanks.’”

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10 Comments on “Meet the Affiliate: CrossFit Thin Air”


wrote …

Dave , That is the best Box and you put out some great athletes too !!!!
Lacey worked out at our box and she was a fun person to be around as well .
Now I see why she always talked you guy's up .
Congrats on getting it done and I heard.... "Oxygen is Overrated"


wrote …

That is one of the coolest (and probably coldest) gyms I have seen on the "Meet the Affiliate". Great job guys. Just wait, Im sure Rouge or Again Faster will be calling about some of your equipment in no time!


wrote …

Wow this guy sounds like he would fit in perfect at Concept2. - Greg


wrote …

Those squat stands are and awesome idea. Keep up the good work.


wrote …

That is, by far, one of the coolest all-around CrossFit gyms I have ever seen (and I look at them all of the time!). Never stop!


Joey Dussel wrote …

Absolutely awesome job on building that gym and building that community. Very cool storage ideas, and love those squat stands!


wrote …

This video made me miss Utah!! This place looks awesome! Great work you guys!

Miranda O.


wrote …

Rogue needs to get with this guy to fabricate those squat stands for affiliates with space constraints. What a great idea!!


wrote …

I eamiled Dave and he stated that he is looking into marketing some of the equipment, yes I made contact about the squat stands also. The entire box is very well designed and will meet a variety of training situations. What a great community Crossfit is. Always sharing and always improving.


wrote …

What an amazing box.

While in no state or place to affiliate, being a three year amateur with the long run desire of affiliation "Yes you can" rings strong.

Such a great set up.

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