CrossFit Radio Episode 250

By Justin Judkins

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November 15, 2012

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On Episode 250 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit Steele Creek owner Dr. Brian Strump and recovering addict Scott Ries. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2012.

The Words of Wisdom are from Roy Baumeister, professor of psychology at Florida State University, and they were spoken in an interview with Dan Ariely: Why Willpower Doesn’t Work.

5:28 Dr. Brian Strump owns CrossFit Steele Creek in Charlotte, N.C. Strump also owns and runs a successful chiropractic office out of the same building. He came on the show to talk about how he blends the two and how doing so benefits both his members and his patients. Strump explained how he started CrossFitting with Andy and Spencer Hendel and how his passion drove him to open his own affiliate. Offering advice, Strump explained why he thinks it’s best to start small and grow over time. As for creating the right culture, CrossFit Steele Creek has 14 specific rules for the box, and Strump talked about why they are so important.

31:38 Scott Ries’ addiction to alcohol has cost him jobs and relationships, and he’s spent a large portion of his life in prison due to impaired driving. He explained how he found CrossFit shortly after serving three years in the pen, and he said his life has changed dramatically since. He’s been dry for 44 months, and when he feels the urge to drink he fights it back by hitting a WOD as hard as he can. Ries explained how he has always been a natural athlete and was hooked from his first CrossFit workout. He also talked about the importance of friends and why the culture of CrossFit has helped him find the right type of people to strengthen him. Finally, he told listeners how his fitness helped him compete in and win a Tough Mudder obstacle race and qualify for the world championships.

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wrote …

You can check out the events of the year and more of the story of Scott's life:


wrote …

Does anyone know why this is the last episode that has been posted to the "Radio" link on the Journal web-site? It sure was easier to find the latest episodes when they were being posted here.


wrote …

I'm also wondering what's going on with CF Radio -- I previously downloaded up to episode 255, but now there's nothing available after ep. 250. And nothing has come through on iTunes for quite some time now. JJ -- help us out here -- will everything get back to normal soon?

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