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Developing Ring Handstands by Sean Lind - CrossFit Journal

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November 06, 2012

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At this CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Trainer Course, instructor Sean Lind shows how to establish support on the rings before pressing to a shoulder stand. The position is the foundation for performing a handstand push-up on the rings.

“In gymnastics, this is a very basic movement. But for our CrossFitters, this is going to be an advanced movement,” he explains.

Lind demonstrates by beginning in an L-sit. He moves his hips up, opens them, holds the position, lets his hips back down, pivots and finishes in an L-sit.

“The idea is a bit of a counterbalance that works with you—as my shoulders are coming down, my hips are coming up,” he says.

He cautions trainers to take their time and shows exactly how to spot the movement.

“It’s a very controlled movement,” Lind says. “Do not rush this otherwise you will fall.”

Using the straps as a guide is OK, he adds.

“The straps are there to help you at times, but people always rely on them as a crutch. And that’s a bad thing,” he says. “You can get the work done, yes, but you will get stronger when you start letting go of that strap.”

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Additional reading: Getting Inverted by Jeff Tucker and Dusty Hyland, published Sept. 30, 2011.

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7 Comments on “Developing Ring Handstands”


wrote …

UNREAL! Awesome teacher


wrote …

great coaching! i tried it today for the first time and it's not as bad as it looks!


wrote …

Very nice video coach!!! Great to see you on the journal!


wrote …

Nice job Sean. Application of position and proper technique towards a skill. Simple, elemental and straight to the point.



wrote …

Attaboy Sean, great video - I haven't tried to get inverted on rings but can do the angled support on pbars and move in and out... looking foward to giving this a shot. Keep up the good work!


wrote …

Great video, tried it yesterday and very happy with how i went. Nice simple progression. Thanks


wrote …

Great coaching! Thanks for the video and excellent tips on skill development with rings.

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