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November 07, 2012

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The home of CrossFit Kids offers a new gymnastics program to increase youth strength, agility and more. E.M. Burton reports.

CrossFit Kids at Brand X is beginning a new gymnastics program to augment and support its regularly scheduled classes for kids and teens.

A recent open-house event held in the first week of October, “Grand Opening Play Day,” introduced both CrossFitting members and the larger population to the new program, which was set to start a few weeks later.

“One of the things we see consistently in gymnasts is awesome strength,” said Mikki Lee Martin, CrossFit Director of Youth Programs and co-founder of CrossFit Brand X. “When you consider that also comes with amazing coordination, balance, agility, power, etc.—all the areas of the 10 General Physical Skills—why wouldn’t we augment our program in this way?”

Two new classes will be added to the schedule on Saturdays at the beginner and intermediate levels. Attendance will be capped at 10 members maximum, so each child will get more work in and receive more individualized attention.

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