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By Katie Hogan

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Katie Hogan has been lifting since she was 13.

“I understand the stigma against girls getting bulky and strong, and I’ve had that feeling myself: ‘I don’t want to get too big,’” says the Level 1 Seminar Staff member. “But I love the feeling of being able to go up and rip a bar off the floor and have guys, girls, whoever look around like, ‘Oh my God, did she seriously just do that—with a side pony?”

Originally from San Jose, Calif., 29-year-old Hogan moved to the Los Angeles area because she wanted to work for a record label. She jokes that she still has a pipe dream to become a CrossFit trainer to a musician.

“Going on the Level 1 (staff) and getting to meet people who tell me that they’ve seen video of me, (I think), ‘Like, who am I?’ But they care. And my experience is now a part of their experience,” says Hogan, who finished second at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Southern California Regional. “Getting to connect with a different group of 60 people every weekend has given me more as a person than as a coach.”

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9 Comments on “Meet Katie Hogan”


wrote …

Got to love Katie!


wrote …

Before this video I was a fan of her, just as a athlete. After this, I think she is beautiful, sensitive and I love her and her funny attitude.
PD: The best butt and legs of crossfit. :o)


wrote …

OMG! Love, love, love her! Girl you are my inspiration for bringing back some "thigh meat"! Rock on!!!!


wrote …

Katie, love the passion, emotion and fun that your life is centered around.
You should know that you have a huge east coast fan club too, starting with my step-daughter Maya. She is Katie Hogan Super-Fan #1. Can't wait to show this video to her.

...any yeah, sharks are scary.


wrote …

Her intensity as she gets ready to do a competition WOD is cool to watch. The way she talks to herself and does a few hops up & down before the 3-2-1 Go. She's one of the ones I make a point to watch.

This is one from the 2011 SoCal Regionals. I love the slogan.!i=1752258171&k=WPVjfqt


wrote …

I was able to do level one course with Katie. You rock young lady as a person and as a Crossfitter :)


wrote …

Katie Hogan, will you marry me?!?!


wrote …

I got to meet Katie this weekend in Vancouver at a Level 1 trainer course. She is so amazing and inspiring, especially, I think, to other women! Thank you, Katie, for being such a great source over the weekend and so helpful and encouraging!


wrote …

Katie I have just returned from Las Vegas where you headed some of the seminars and workouts for the Level one Crossfit trainer course GOD I wish I was 29 again I would love to look and be as fit and inspired as you.........

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