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Coaching Tools for Running: Part 3 by Doug Katona - CrossFit Journal

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November 25, 2012

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At the CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course, Doug Katona talks about coaching tools for running. In this video, he highlights drills for falling.

The first is a partner-lean drill where one person quite literally falls into the hands of another and then runs in place.

“As the coach, I’m gonna go, ‘Is he pulling underneath? Are his heels kissing? Is his head up? Shoulders up?’ And as soon as he did that, I should not feel any change in the amount of pressure on my hands,” Katona explains.

Next is a drill where one person holds the other person’s hips while he or she is in the classic figure-4 lean. When the partner lets go of the hips, the runner’s first response must be to pull the heel beneath the hip, Katona notes.

“The governor on speed from the fall is your cadence,” he adds. “So the more you lean, you have to have confidence that you can keep that turnover going.”

The drill also can be done without a partner, Katona says.

“Come out of the lean and pull immediately,” he says. “Understand how to engage that hamstring.”

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