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Meet Neal Maddox by Neal Maddox - CrossFit Journal

Meet Neal Maddox

By Neal Maddox

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When Neal Maddox was 9, he started doing push-ups and sit-ups every day in his bedroom.

Maddox’s uncles were large men and his dad “was really big and buff,” so he wanted to keep up. Maddox ended up playing Division II collegiate football and spent some time with the San Jose Sabercats.

“I worked my butt off since I was a kid,” says the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff member who owns CrossFit X-Treme Athletics in San Jose, Calif.

“Lifting at a younger age and puttin’ in the time—that’s why it’s so easy for me now. People are like, ‘You don’t have any life. All you do is work and work out.’ I’m all, ‘That’s my life. That’s what I love to do.’”

When the three-time CrossFit Games athlete began CrossFitting, he entered the community with a “football mentality.” That, he said, required some changing.

“I was a defensive player, so it was like, ‘When I’m going out to compete, I’m gonna rip your head off,’” Maddox says. “Transferring over from that football mentality to the CrossFit mentality, it made me realize that there’s more to this whole scene than just me.”

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11 Comments on “Meet Neal Maddox”


wrote …

I never would have guessed Neal was this cool. Wow dont judge a book by its cover. This guy really loves helping people. Seems like a really cool person. Glad you posted this video.


wrote …

Nea;, even when I was cutting serious weight for wrestling, I would sneak a tiny bite of ice cream at night, or a teaspoon of jelly... you need a little normalcy and sweet stuff. If you eat right almost all the time, then you can afford to eat the other stuff when you really want to as well... everything in moderation. Great little video. Keep up the good work for you, and your community Neal.
Anton Gross


wrote …

Yup, I got the wrong impression of Neal the first time I met him. Since then I've gotten the opportunity to know him much better and I can say he is a genuinely good dude that truly cares about making people better. We are lucky to have him on the L1 staff and as a member of the CrossFit community.


wrote …

very cool video ! As many of you i also got the wrong impression on Neal, he is actually pretty cool !


wrote …

Haha, so awesome. Didn't really know much about Maddox until this video. I'll be trying to keep up with him more now. I love donuts too, man!


wrote …

All through the games it seemed that Maddox was super intense and super uptight, but surprise, surprise he's actually a great guy and a kind human. Goes to show you can't judge someone by their game face. By the way, does this mean Froning is a jerk? :)


wrote …

I remember seeing that first video of Neal when he was competing at Regionals in 2010, my first impression..."Dick Head!" and then I met him that sunday night after "The Games" were over at a bar in Huntington Bch. and my first impression quickly changed, he was telling me he was going to start training with khalipa to get to that next level and how much he loved CF! I think he even bought me a beer but I don't remember!;-)

Keep Spreading the CF Love!



wrote …

Just added Maddox to my fav crossfitters list!


wrote …

I'm glad this video on Neal was produced. Especially the slow-motion part of him eating that donut and licking his fingers. Hehehe....!


wrote …

That's what I'm talking about Neal...breaking the mold of what we "should be" eating. I can't stand going to competition and seeing people eating cold sweet potatoes out of a zip lock bag and some cold meat like it's fun to eat that and when it comes to the heavy lifting in comps, they are suffering...sometiems a little junk will help with those heavy lifts. I can understand in comp you wanna fuel yourself with the right thing but I think people do it more out of what others might say. lol. This CF colt is getting really insane now...soon, they will be judging how you crap and Rob Orlando is another one that is reppin the unorthodox style of eating.


wrote …

I met Neal at my Level 1 cert. As an instructor he is, hands down, in the top 5% of coaches in the sport of Crossft. After witnessing his workouts, as his Open results prove, he is a PHENOMINAL athlete.

Neal, if you happen to read this, thank you... For being YOU!

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