Planes, Trains and CrossFit

By Hilary Achauer

In The CrossFit Life

November 15, 2012

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Veteran Level 1 Seminar flowmasters Chuck Carswell and Adrian Bozman talk about their strategies for surviving life on the road.

Chuck Carswell is a master of efficiency. As a veteran Level 1 Seminar flowmaster, Carswell spends almost every weekend of the year traveling around the world and teaching people how to move well.

When he goes to the airport, he parks in the same spot each time. He walks through the same security gate each time. Knowing exactly where he’s parked and exactly which gate he’s going through frees Carswell from distracting details. These simple time-savers allow Carswell to cut it fairly close when he shows up to the airport.

Adrian Bozman, another veteran flowmaster, travels just as much as Carswell, but “Boz” doesn’t approach travel with the same surgical precision as Carswell. In fact, when Bozman heard about Carswell’s routine of parking in the same spot and going through the same gate, he laughed. Bozman rolls a little bit looser and focuses on cutting it close in getting to the airport.

Level 1 Seminar Staff are masters of squat and deadlift technique, but that’s not the end of their knowledge. These road warriors can also offer travel tips and strategies to CrossFitters hoping to stay healthy and sane while away from home.



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wrote …

What is a 'flowmaster'?


wrote …

Hi, Monkey.

A flowmaster is the head trainer at the Level 1 Seminar. They run the show, make sure everything flows smoothly, and keep things on time.

Thanks for reading!

CrossFit Journal


wrote …

How do you get an opportunity to become a flowmaster?


wrote …

Not an easy gig. Respect.


wrote …

Chuck is the man! He was the flowmaster at my Level 1 cert in Atlanta, GA. His knowledge and passion for the sport helped keep everyone's attention.


wrote …

Bozman's kitchen chef metaphor is spot on. It can definitely be tough to get a "sit down meal."

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