Road Test: Headbands

By Hilary Achauer

In The CrossFit Life

November 21, 2012

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Hilary Achauer was tired of headbands that came off in the middle of a WOD, so she went in search of the perfect headband for CrossFit.

I was in the middle of a surprisingly brutal 20-minute AMRAP of 4 thrusters, 8 toes-to-bars, 12 pistols and 16 double-unders. In the third round, right in the middle of the thrusters, I felt my headband slip back on my head.

By the time I got to the double-unders, the headband had slipped back so far it was about to completely slide off. After I finished the double-unders, I reached up and tore it off in frustration and threw it to the ground. In addition to battling fatigue, I spent the rest of the workout battling my hair.

The discarded headband was not the cheap drugstore variety. It was a $12 headband from Lululemon, a brand that had never failed me before. The headband is lined with silicone, which is supposed to prevent slippage, but it is also adjustable, and that made it slowly slide open as the workout progressed.

After that disastrous workout I made a decision: I would try as many headbands as I could to find the ideal intersection of function, form and price and discover the perfect headband for CrossFit. In CrossFit, we’re all about performance, and it’s hard to chase a PR while choking on your hair.

Now it’s your turn! What headbands did I miss? Which ones do you love—and why? Post replies to comments .

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16 Comments on “Road Test: Headbands”


wrote …

haircut might work


wrote …

i use pre wrap (that stuff most people use before taping their ankles...) it stays in most of the time, although depending on how big or small i make the headband can determine how much it moves around.


wrote …

The best headbands ever (and they're starting to make non-sparkle ones too). While I stand behind lulu on almost everything else... their headbands just aren't cut out for crossfit.

Sparkly Soul headbands have velour inside - keeping them securely in place even during the toughest workouts, while not pulling on hair like other rubber lined ones.

I 100% recommend them.


wrote …

I have the same issue. I use the big headbands that you can find from LifeasRx. Are box, Crossfit Lincoln orders them with our logo and all the girls have them. Plus, they help keep the sweat out of your eyes too.


wrote …

I have the same problem and also have tried many so I finally made my own, if you take a one inch ribbon , or whatever size width you like, and find the same size velvet ribbon, sew back to back and ends and then sew a then finish with an elastic piece about 5 inches in length. The velvet is the key to the none slip and is the part of the headband that is against the hair. Contact me and I will send you one, the cost in making your own is about $2.00, don't even really have to know anything about sewing! Gives me an idea to make some for our box! And shame on all you haters out there with crappy comments, seriously us crossfitters are family.


wrote …

My latest best find when in Chicago to run the marathon was Chica bands - best ever headband
I ran a marathon, did not move and was really comfortable and since returning to Australia I wear one every day to Crossfit - perfect
Feedback from anyone that I have given one to has been the same - best ever headband
I love them so much that I'm now bringing them in to Australia for all my run and crossfit friends
Definitley worth a try


wrote …

This is Crossfit, isn't it?
I got confused with a review for headbands in The Journal.
What's next, which Lululemon clothes match our box?


wrote …




replied to comment from Richard Edwards

MMMmmm........ so would you accept a review of which footwear is the best for crossfit? I think so.


wrote …

Only if they tell me how to best tie my shoe, "the Crossfit way."


wrote …

Bondiband works well if you value function over appearance--doesn't slip off, keeps sweat out of your eyes.


Tracy Seman wrote … are amazing and will not move ever. Ran a marathon in them and wear them daily to CrossFit.


wrote …

For women with unruly hair, a great headband is as important as a great shoe, or the right equipment. My personal fave, Buff headbands. A running friend of mine introduced them to me. They don't slip, they come in all kinds of styles, and there are variations for hot and cold weather. I swear by these things.


wrote …

I know your pain I have tried so many band hair bands my self . My sister and I make these great hair bands they are no slip and absorb sweet great for any woods .. You put them on and never need to adjust ever and are so comfy you can wear all day with out a head ache . You can email me if you are interested in trying them. They sell for $8 that's about half of what sweety bands sell for .


wrote …

I love my junk headband! They stay in place, keep my face dry and don't leave a mark when taken off. I have tried about a dozen other brands and these are definitely my favorite!


wrote …

Any brand with velour works the best. (I have a thin and thick one, and i prefer the thinner model)
I have long hair and its the ONLY type that work for me and I've tried all the other big brands. Many running stores carry these.

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