The Stages of Injury

By Robert Castillo

In Medical/Injuries

November 05, 2012

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Robert Castillo believes you can recover faster by moving past denial and anger to truly work on rehabbing an injury.

While sitting here and contemplating another sports-related injury, I started to look back on all the previous insults to my body. Some were short term, some were chronic and nagging, and some were more serious and required longer term treatment, time off and recovery. Knock on wood: I have been fortunate enough to avoid a catastrophic injury in my life.

No matter the severity or duration, each injury was challenging in its own way. Being older and wiser now and having made mistakes along the way, I have begun to realize that there are stages to the injury process that are much like the stages of grief we go through when a loved one dies. I’ve also realized that the faster we can work through those stages, the better off we will be mentally, physically and emotionally.

Here are the stages I’ve noticed as well as commentary on their effects.

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3 Comments on “The Stages of Injury”


wrote …

So true! I'm currently dealing with a knee injury and it's been a frustrating week. I think I'm currently in the "bargaining" phase but there have been glimpses of acceptance and determination too.


wrote …

So true Robert. Best thing people can do as far as injuries is to be honest with yourself. ie: Feeling a little twinge in the shoulder during a workout? Back off, stop what you're doing and assess the situation. It's so easy to blow through these on a daily basis but what you end up doing is causing a bigger problem, and once you're hurt it's equally as easy to try to push through the pain.

Great read, thanks
Dan Pope -


wrote …

"Rest equals recovery" struck home with me.

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