Too Cold To Run?

By Emily Beers

In CrossFit, Workouts

November 16, 2012

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When your affiliate is located in a place with sub-zero temperatures, running outside can be a daunting order. Emily Beers talks to affiliates about how they program for frigid climates.

For most of us, heading to CrossFit doesn’t take much prep time.

We throw on tiny Lululemon shorts, knee-high socks and the barefoot shoe of the day, and then we grab a water bottle and head out the door.

But for CrossFitters in winter cities that see hypothermic temperatures for months at a time, it’s a little more challenging than this.

Their mornings include an additional five layers of clothing and a search for the warmest jacket and mittens they can find before heading out the door into Arctic-like conditions for their first WOD: scraping the car and shoveling the driveway.

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3 Comments on “Too Cold To Run?”


wrote …

As one of the crazies who bikes all winter in Winnipeg, I think 100m sprints outside might not be so bad, even down to freezing on sunny calm day. It's just no good tracking snow and slush into the box.


wrote …

Great article!


wrote …

Does any of you experiment any change in work capacity due to a winter cold workouts? Since the body is supposed to adapt to stimuli and that the body increases blood flow and thermogenesis under a cold environment, I want to know if you think you will gain or lost fitness if training in cold weather?

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