Inspiring Others: Tracy Munroe

By Ken Andrukow and Tracy Munroe

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November 07, 2012

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Tracy Munroe’s boss brought her and 39 of her co-workers across the street to Reebok CrossFit Ramsay in Calgary, Alta.

“(He) thought it’d be good (for) team/morale building,” she explains.

A year later, only Munroe and one of her co-workers remain as members of the box. She remembers feeling intimidated but stuck it out and has seen impressive gains.

“It was scary,” she says of her first days. “I would literally stand across the parking lot and look in the bay door.”

Today, Munroe has last more than 80 lb.

CrossFit Ramsay owner Ken Andrukow says the 40-year-old has motivated other members.

“She has shown consistency and resolve to change her life and, as a result, she’s inspired countless others within the gym,” he says. “They see her working hard. They see her here on a consistent basis.”

But the biggest difference hasn’t been her weight loss, Munroe says. It’s been her mind.

“I’m a different person,” she says. “And I’m still not done.”

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10 Comments on “Inspiring Others: Tracy Munroe”


wrote …

Nice work Tracy. Inspiring your family and those around you everyday.


wrote …

Keep up the good work. You should be proud of yourself. Very inspiring. You are special. Thanks for sharing your story: it will move others and make them better also.


wrote …

Great video Tracy! Keep on rockin', more great things to come!


wrote …

Wow! Awesome video! Thanks for sharing, Tracy, you're a wonderful inspiration to all of us.


wrote …

Good for you, Tracy. I'm glad this is a free video, and I hope her coworkers watch it.

I still can't get over the fact that only 2 of 40 employees stuck with it after the on-ramp program. I hope their excuse is that they are working out from home or at another facility. In fact, I'd love to see a "where are they now" video on their progress since finishing the on-ramp program. How much weight have they lost? What's their deadlift?

I hope others follow your lead and take advantage of the facility that's steps away from your office.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Track, you rock!
If you ever come to Florida on holiday, please come and speak to our athletes.


wrote …


You have some guts, girl. You definitely rock!

I know so many people who sit and wallow (or do something minimal only to revert after a week or two which nets basically zero). You stepped up to the very intimidating plate and smashed it out of the park. I wish I could point to a single person among my circle (coworkers, friends, family) who has done such a thing, but none. None.

Proud of your accomplishments. Keep it up. Very cool.


P.S. Yeah, I feel 16 again, too. Who knew?


wrote …

You are one of the best examples for people that they strongly believe that they can't start cross-fit because they are not fitness enough...
You have to know that except of the 10 physical skills that you are improving day after day through Cross-fit (Strength,power,stamina...etc) you also have a lot of well trained skills such as patience, persistence and will.

I have only one question! In this video I noticed that while you were working out you weren't wearing regular or the appropriate shoes for this sport and some times you were working out barefoot...
Why? Is there a reason that you have to work out like this?
I m sorry but is not an offensive question I m just wonder?

You are amazing! Keep working out!!


replied to comment from Angelos Andriotis

I m just wondering without question mark... ;)


wrote …

That is really awesome! Keep up the good work!

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