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November 03, 2012

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Last year, Tyler Berry was working as a trainer at Hanscom Air Force Base while preparing to compete in the North East Regional. Training twice a day, he began to notice slower workout times.

“I would do 100 burpees or Fran or something like that, and the second I finished, I would just start coughing up pretty legitimate-size blood clots,” says the coach at CrossFit 2A in Acton, Mass.

Berry discovered a “huge bulge” in his groin area. Eventually he was diagnosed with germ-cell cancer.

“I went from slow 100-burpee times to barely being able to get off my couch to the point where I thought I was probably going to die,” Berry says.

What followed was excruciating: a 14-hour surgery in which his veins were replaced with those of a cow. Due to complications from the aggressive surgery that saved his life, Berry’s lymphatic system became unable to reabsorb fluid. Each week, he gained up to 50 lb. of fluid, which had to be drained.

“What really saved me is being in good shape,” he says. “Having woken up from surgery and having multiple doctors come in and say, ‘It’s a miracle you’re alive,’ … I attribute that to my health and my attitude.”

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10 Comments on ““I Thought I Was Probably Going To Die””


wrote …

Keep fighting. Extreme courage not to let it beat you. Inspiration to me and i am sure many others.


EC S wrote …


"Amazing" does not even come close to doing your story and perseverance justice. We are all pulling for you.


wrote …

Sending thoughts your way. Remarkable attitude you have, all us crossfitters and people in general would be a lot better off learning a thing or two from you. Keep progressing forward.


wrote …

+1 Inspired.


wrote …

Unbelievable. As a cancer survivor myself (Hodgkin's lymphoma), my heart goes out to you Tyler and to the others in the CrossFit community who fight the challenges of illness. Keep up the hard work brother.


wrote …

Amazing story, awesome job at plugging away and a road to recovery!!! Much love and respect, keep up the good work!!!


wrote …

Keep inspiring others! Hope to meet a fellow Crossfitter from Ma. soon!


wrote …

Keep fighting bro! Praying for you and your loved ones.


wrote …

Strength to you warrior!


wrote …

A story of courage and resilience.

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