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Fighting With the Knees by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

Fighting With the Knees

By Tony Blauer

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December 12, 2012

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Air squats, sprinting and knees-to-elbows are all movements that have created a relationship between your hip and hip flexor, says Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems.

When you find yourself in a fight, you’re merely mimicking movements performed in workouts. First, you’ll likely get into the hollow-body position and then grab hold of the assailant.

“It’s like if I did slam ball and knees-to-elbow at the same time,” Blauer explains. “It’s the same thing.”

He adds: “In a real fight this should happen really quickly.”

In terms of when to throw the knee, that just depends on the fight. Use the closest weapon closest target principle, he advises. The fight will determine the shot you take on your opponent. It’s about problem solving, but the solution is often very simple:

“You just look at a target, and you fuckin’ throw a weapon there,” Blauer says.

Having knee strikes in your arsenal just gives you another weapon. All you need now is a target.

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4 Comments on “Fighting With the Knees”


wrote …

Im learning to much with this videos of self defense, i like the way Tony explain the self defense drills. Thanks!


wrote …

I can't believe he said "retard"!


wrote …

@Miguel, appreciate that. THere are a ton of other video in the CrossFit media vaults.


wrote …

Thought it was cool how the girl pulled off a perfect knee on Tony during his little scenario. I'm sure he didn't see it until he watched the video after the fact, but good teaching made that happen. Nice vid.

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