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The Cycle of Behavior: Parts 1 and 2 by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

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December 31, 2012

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If you understand the cycle of behavior, you are going to change how you approach workouts, people, conflict and confrontation, says Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems.

“The first place that you are hit in a real confrontation is your emotional system,” he says in Part 1. “Everybody says, ‘I had a bad feeling, right?”

You must identify fear and then learn how to push through it, Blauer adds.

“Everybody knows what they should do, but then they get this mental imprint or idea that doing that might be a problem, and so fear discourages us from being courageous,” Blauer notes.

False expectations or false evidence often prevents people from taking action, Blauer says in Part 2.

“You gotta get in the fight and give yourself permission to win. It only starts there,” he continues. “You need to make shit happen now.”

And the focus should be on effort, speed and intensity—not having the technique of an accomplished mixed-martial-arts fighter.

“The act of fighting back,” Blauer says, “is what saves most people.”

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7 Comments on “The Cycle of Behavior: Parts 1 and 2”


wrote …

Pure instinct to survive is an intangible that can't be taught. Technique may be layered on that instinct which makes a powerful synergy. Others have a pure fear instinct which they may try to overcome with technique. To some degree they may succeed but will never be a match for the combination of fearless instinct to survive and technique. Most of us are hybrids of instinct and technique.


wrote …

Additional reading for anyone interested in the psychology take a look at 'the power of now' & 'The secret of letting go- guy finley'
Great video!


wrote …

I love people who know there shit, Tony Blauer knows his shit. Would love to see more of this.


wrote …

@Ron I agree. I like the premiss " hybrids of instinct and technique". For those 'untrained' (meaning non-dedicated martial artists) using instinctive movement, based on primal-gross motor fear reactions is the simplest and safest method IMO.

@Anthony, will check that out.

@Keith, thank you.


Alex Porter wrote …

Coach Blauer I sincerely hope we get you out here to NZ soon!


Conan Bruce wrote …

As usual, awesome stuff Coach. I never get tired of reviewing your info. Cheers, Conan


wrote …

Thanks for this great video Tony. Would you have this in writing? I work with at-risk youth and would like to get a firm understanding of this great stuff so I could attempt to have them understand it.

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