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December 12, 2012

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Lauren Lesinski’s weight-loss story was one of the CrossFit Journal’s most recommended stories in 2011. We caught up with Lesinksi to find out how she’s doing one a year later.

In December 2011, I wrote the Crossfit Journal article Breaking the Cycle about Lauren Lesinski’s 75-lb. weight loss. Inspired by Lesinski’s story and the accompany photo of her in a bikini, more than 850 people recommended the article on Facebook.

The same month the article about Lesinski appeared in the Journal, The New York Times published an article called The Fat Trap, about how significant weight loss impacts the body’s brain, muscles and metabolism, making it extremely difficult to keep the weight off. According to the article, if someone has been overweight for years or gone up and down in weight for most of his or her life, the body enters a unique metabolic state that biologically sabotages efforts to keep the weight off.

What about when you throw CrossFit in the mix? I was curious where Lesinski stood a year after dropping 75 lb. Was she able to keep the weight off and maintain her healthy eating habits and workout routine?

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