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By Mike Futrell

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December 08, 2012

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Mike Futrell is a man with a penchant for caving and a mustache reminiscent of a Civil War-era general.

“Caving is kind of a quiet, out-of-the picture sport,” explains the member of CrossFit Blacksburg in Blacksburg, Va.

Futrell’s focus has been on original exploration and mapping more than sport.

“Finding new stuff,” he explains.

Athletically, caving requires the body to maintain unnatural positions, Futrell continues.

“Caving is really a full-body type of pursuit, and I think that’s where CrossFit really helps,” he says. “You’re not walking. You’re almost never walking. … Usually scrambling, using your whole body, crawling on your belly, hands and knees, climbing.”

Futrell adds: “You just don’t know how you’re going … to end up dragging yourself and this gear through some awkward passage.”

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