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Meet Denise Thomas by Denise Thomas - CrossFit Journal

Meet Denise Thomas

By Denise Thomas

In Coaching, HD Videos, Level 1 Seminar Staff

December 27, 2012

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About four years ago, Denise Thomas was working out at a sports performance center in New York. There, she did sprint mechanics and what she thought was Olympic weightlifting.

“This guy would always come in the gym and he was like this big dude … and I was just like, ‘What’s his deal?’” Thomas recounts. “And one day he comes in and … his hands are bandaged up and he’s doing pull-ups. And I’m like, ‘What the hell is he doing?’”

Thomas walked up to him and suggested he needed a break from pull-ups because his hands clearly were in pain. That “big dude” turned out to be Level 1 Seminar Staff member Dave Lipson. He ended up putting Thomas through a heavily scaled version of Fight Gone Bad.

Thomas’ thought before she started: “Yeah, whatever, I played international soccer. I can do this.”

Her thought after she finished: “Oh my God. What is this?”

Today, Thomas, too, is a Level 1 Seminar Staff member.

“The humble factor is so prominent in CrossFit,” she explains. “And that trickles down from being an athlete all the way to being a coach.”

Video by Mike Koslap.

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7 Comments on “Meet Denise Thomas”


wrote …

Yea DT!!!


wrote …

Denise is a lovely, delightful, funny great gal! Did I mention funny? Lots of laughs working with her, thanks young lady and how's your POSE?


wrote …

"leading cause of divorce in the northeast" lol Can't argue w/that! She's cute, strong and the accent!


wrote …

Denise is so hot right now.


wrote …

DT is such an awesome person! So proud to know her.


wrote …

Denise you are the best!!!!


wrote …

Just reading through crossfit journal and see a picture of a girl that kind of looks familiar...then read the name 'Denise Thomas'!! You may not remember me, but years ago now we played in Boston together!! You were so instrumental in changing my game for the better. Not surprised at all to see that you're into crossfit :) It was fun to randomly come across the article. Hope you're doing well!

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