Fixing the Jerk

By Mike Burgener

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December 04, 2012

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At this video filmed at CrossFit Invictus, Coach Mike Burgener explains why he has athletes jerk from behind the neck.

“Forces me to go straight up. My elbows are where automatically? They’re down. They’re already externally rotated. And I can just really drive the heck out of ’em,” he says. “But the reason that I give my athletes jerk behind the neck is because of confidence.”

Casey, one of Burgener’s sons, could clean and jerk more than 493 lb. at his best. But his best jerk from behind the neck was 550 lb.

“Do you think he ever worried about jerks?” Burgener asks.

He adds: “The jerk has got to be balanced, guys.”

Equal weight must be on both legs, he says.

“If you find yourself missing jerks and forward, chances are you’re probably not driving into the bar enough,” Burgener says. “Check your back leg.”

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wrote …

This was an awesome learning experience for me....Something I will apply tomorrow morning when I get into the gym...Never thought of it that way, and I am notorious for going to far back with my foot...very cool


wrote …

Very usefull! Im so excited with the visit of coach mike to argentina. Continue learning day by day...-thanks

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