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Meet J.P. Bolwahnn by J.P. Bolwahnn - CrossFit Journal

Meet J.P. Bolwahnn

By J.P. Bolwahnn

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J.P. Bolwahnn is untraditional: in his mid-30s, he’s a business-administration student at the University of San Diego, where he also plays football.

“There’s no other 35-year-old playing running back in college football right now,” he says with a laugh.

Bolwahnn is also a Level 1 Seminar Staff member, a member of Mike Burgener’s team for CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Courses, and a trainer at CrossFit USD.

“He’s an outstanding leader,” says USD head football coach Ron Caragher. “Everything he’s done carries over from his past. It gives him a platform when he speaks to his teammates. He’s well respected. He has some of that CrossFit coaching mentality when he’s on the field, when he speaks to his teammates.”

What Bolwahnn enjoys most, he says, is helping others: “Just pushing people to their limits and having them realize they can go above and beyond what they previously perceived.”

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6 Comments on “Meet J.P. Bolwahnn”


wrote …

Somebody PLEASE tell me what that music from 3:00 to 3:33 is??!!


Thomas Patton wrote …

Very good Oly coach and very cool guy!! Hope our paths cross again sometime.
Let us know when you are in our Region again.


wrote …

Congratulations J.P.!
It's great to see that you're living your dream. Keep Going!!!
Be Safe and Godspeed!


wrote …

Solid, J.P. ! 35 and killen' em on the field. I like that! Best wishes to your and yours.


wrote …

Had J.P. for our seminar staff for level 1 cert at Crossfit Strong. Awesome coach!


wrote …

Just flat out nuts and inspiring JP. Loved your story and wil have to look for you at SD FB games.

God Bless


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