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Coaching Tools for Running: Part 4 by Doug Katona - CrossFit Journal

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December 16, 2012

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At the CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course, Doug Katona talks about coaching tools for running. In this video, he highlights drills for torque and midline stability.

He explains by introducing five drills.

The first is the gun-run drill.

“If you’re chasing down a bad guy and your midline stability is off and you’re trying to shoot him, what happens? … You can’t shoot,” Katona explains.

By keeping the midline stable, he adds, “I should be able to stay on my target and not bounce around a lot.”

Next is the arms-behind drill.

“Hands behind like you’re getting arrested,” Katona says.

Then there’s the lateral carioca drill, popular among football teams. The arms are out to the side and only the feet move.

“So it’s really to teach you how to lean—that’s the purpose of this drill,” Katona explains.

After that, it’s a lateral carioca drill with a change in direction midway through.

And, finally, the last drill re-checks form.

“I just want you to run alongside your partner,” he says, “make any form adjustments that you see.”

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