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December 29, 2012

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Gary Roberts is back—the other Gary Roberts.

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “This Is Your Future”—we catch up with Gary, the father of original “fat man” who’s now behind the camera.

Roberts the elder just turned 68 and has had triple-bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement and pacemaker implantation. Since his son got him started on CrossFit six weeks earlier, he’s been training with Anthony Edgerton at CrossFit Stumptown in Portland, Ore.

Measurements reveal Roberts has only lost 10 lb., but his body fat has decreased dramatically, and he’s reduced his waist circumference by 6.5 inches. His mobility is also improving. And he sings while he rides the Airdyne.

“Suddenly, he’s all-in,” wife Pamala Roberts says.

Pamala also recalls a gluttonous family breakfast shortly after Gary’s surgery. Looking around, she could see a clear link between father and son’s health.

“This is your future,” she said to the younger Gary.

“We’re fucked,” he replied.

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6 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 12”


wrote …

Awesome! Great to see follow up on Gary's dad. Keep it up!


wrote …

Fantastic. I have been waiting for news from your dad.
No offence, but he looks great and changed for the better. I tip my head to his coaches and I salut his wife for her support. Keep it up. The clips of Gary's dad may well even more inspirational.


wrote …

That is absolutly AWESOME! I've talked to Gary (the younger) before and have shared my issue with heart related stuff and I am lit. half Srs. age....crazy I know. I am doing crossfit, and feeling great, looking better and getting healthy. Thank you Gary (both of you) for the motivation!


wrote …

I really enjoy these episodes and I thank Gary Jr and Senior and their family for allowing us to witness their journey. Their story and the series in general are compelling and the changes they have made are important to show to not just us crossfitters, but the world in general. Performance, while an important word to our community, is not as important to the world at large as simply living a better stronger life free from disease. Great work.


wrote …

Great great episode! Your dad is awesome, and he has you to thank your sharing CrossFit with him!


wrote …

Amazing. Look at how well Gary (Snr) is moving now. Inspirational.
Keep it up guys!

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