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Losing—and Learning by Jeremy Striffler - CrossFit Journal

Losing—and Learning

By Jeremy Striffler

In The CrossFit Life

December 28, 2012

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Jeremy Striffler explores turning a loss into a win.

I recently heard a bit of wisdom that has the possibility to change my outlook on my CrossFit experience: there is great value in losing. It was an Oprah-defined ah-ha moment that happened on a random Tuesday afternoon in September in a conference room.

I was attending an internal company presentation on winning multi-market accounts. One of the senior executives was instructing the collected group of commercial real-estate brokers to not be disheartened by a loss during our pursuit of new business. Rather, he astutely recommended treating each loss as an opportunity to learn.

Probably to his chagrin, my first thought was not how this applied to my day-to-day job. Instead I jotted the note down and drew a sharp arrow with a pen and scribbled “CrossFit.”

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