A Massie Christmas Dinner

By Nick Massie

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December 18, 2012

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Nick Massie, a chef who runs PaleoNick.com cooks up Christmas dinner with his usual tongue-in-cheek zest.

In Part 1, he prepares a pork leg. He begins by brining the leg with water and kosher salt. Next, he brings in two friends to help whip up seasoning comprising apple juice, maple syrup, granulated garlic and chipotle sauce. The ham takes eight hours to cook at 250 F on a large grill.

In Part 2, it’s time for sweet potatoes. The recipe is simple: slice sweet potatoes, arrange them in a pan, drizzle with melted butter, and add dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt.

“This is going to be flipped upside when we’re done, so your initial pattern is going to be on the top,” Massie says.

Part 3 is about dessert: chocolate decadence cake.

“It’s like a gluten-free chocolate cake with a nice ganache on it,” Massie says.

The ingredients include chocolate, eggs, heavy cream and butter.

Finally, in Part 4, he explains the short steps involved in creating the raspberry coulis for the cake, which he describes as “to die for.”

Recipe PDFs:

Chipotle-Maple Holiday Ham
Sweet Potatoes Anna
Chocolate Decadence
Raspberry Coulis

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Additional reading: God of the Grill by Nick Massie, published June 13, 2012.

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10 Comments on “A Massie Christmas Dinner”


wrote …

Nick you da man! I plan on trying the ham soon. How paleo is the chocolate cake...really? Thanks for the great videos.


wrote …

Awesome video as always, Nick. Thanks a lot!


wrote …

Am I? Yes, I'm in love.


replied to comment from Drew Pearson

The cake is not Paleo.
You could make something like it with cacao nibs, but it would be bitter and mealy, which are two words I don't like describing my food. With dessert, I go one of two routes; I stick with fruit, or I jump off the Paleo Precipice and indulge.
In this case, I've done the latter.
Merry Christmas!


wrote …

Can we be friends?


wrote …

Prepared and devoured this meal tonight for Christmas dinner. Fantastic! The 20 lbs. of Leg was great. 7.5 hrs on the grill. The cake...(having just read Nick's comment #4 would have saved some time) we tried cacoa nibs with terrible results. We remounted a charge as Rx'd with 90% chocolate bars and the results were amazing. The only mods we made were; not smoking the pig leg (we just grilled it at 250), our "injected juice" was some kinda improvised lash-up we tossed together in the blender, we used honey in the raspberries rather than powdered sugar and we halved the sugar load in the whipped topping. Oh and we also backed up the hog with a 6 pound grass-fed prime rib for fun. We rounded everything off with butter steamed broccoli and asparagus (for the greanery.) Yes, I can barely type right now. I'm stuffed. This was a Holiday Meal we won't forget. The Prep time was half of past efforts and the results were off the charts. Simple works. Thanks Nick!


replied to comment from Nicholas Jackson

We are friends already. We just haven't met yet...


replied to comment from Alison Bushnell

Thank you so much for sharing your story. The two terms you used that I liked the most were; "improvised lash-up" and "Simple works." When I hear people say things like that, I know that they are picking up what I'm laying down.
While food was the goal at hand, memories were made as well. Food brings people together like nothing else, no?
Keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing.
Your Pal,


wrote …


One of the most rewarding things that CrossFit has brought to my life over the past two years is a renewed and rejuvenated relationship to food. Learning to cook has been an integral part of that, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate these videos! The meals are great; your instructions are succinct; and your passion for food makes me excited to get back in the kitchen. The honey-sesame chicken thighs are a weekly regular for me and I'm looking forward to trying this pig roast!

Quick question regarding the ham: will the butcher at my local grocer be able to provide the cut you used in the video? And the beef tongue from one of your earlier videos--where could I go for that?

Thanks and keep up the delicious work!



wrote …

Thank you for your kind words.
Food preparation is hard work, but it is artistic and can be rewarding. Eating tasty food, treating others to something you've created, or teaching others, as in this case, are all fulfilling experiences.
Your butcher should be able to order a pig leg, which is what I used. Beef tongue is available in most supermarkets now days, but will definitely be available at a Mexican grocery store.
I'm glad I have inspired you.
Keep up the good work in the kitchen!
Your Pal,

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